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Smart Tips On How To Find A Local Car Shipping Company

Everyone looks for a reliable car shipping company when they need to transport their car from one destination to another. The reasons for car transport maybe that you are moving cross-country or state or are participating in a race or purchased a vehicle in an auction. The reasons don’t matter.

What matters most is to hire the best auto transport company near you. It can be easy to get in contact with the one you may have already used. The search becomes challenging because multiple trucking companies don’t have local offices because they are national.

What includes in trucking company research?

When you vet the options to ensure legitimacy, reliability, and safety then your research must include the following.

Licenses & registrations

Reliable and established auto shipping companies need several licenses & registrations displayed on their websites you will find them on the link –


Reliable auto transport companies invest in insurance coverage for protecting themselves and their clients. Certain insurance coverage is mandated for commercial transport companies. Ask for coverage proof to ensure your car is protected against damage during transit.

You will find commercial auto liability, general liability insurance, physical damage insurance, and motor truck cargo insurance. If you have a high-end or collector car, then check their insurance coverage limitations.

Ratings & reviews

To ensure that your gut feeling is the right look for an outside accredited judgment. Check BBB ratings because they are based on transparent business practices, customer complaints, and more. Even check Google reviews or online forums to see what their previous clients say about their services.

Contact details

Even if a trucking business is on road, a registered company must have a provable physical address including contact details. It can be an office or home space. This information proves that the business is trustworthy and credible. It offers peace of mind that you can stay in touch during the transit process.


You are entrusting your car and for the majority of people it is a possession they are sensitive about. So, ask about their transport process, how they verify their drivers, etc. If they offer incomplete answers or avoid answering completely or the answers are too good then it’s a red flag.

To find a local auto shipping company

All the above tips will ensure your car shipping process is in reliable hands that care!

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